Saturday, February 23, 2008

Martina McBride

A big THANK YOU to Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Martina McBride for free tickets to her concert last night!! Aireol and I had a great time at U of I Assembly Hall ... it was Aireol's first real concert. Lady Antebelum started off the night (a small band from Nashville, TN), followed by Jack Ingram (who had some great stories about his two small children - Ava and Eli) and finally Martina McBride! Her stage was awesome!! Right before we left, she let a 13-year old in the audience come onstage and sing a song with sweet is that?! There was a good mix of her old music and a few songs off of new album (Waking up Laughing). Now to a few pictures of the evening:

Kids always have to get Dippin' Dots...I, personally, don't get it!

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