Monday, December 12, 2011

16 weeks!

We are 4 months along! I cannot believe how quickly time is going with this pregnancy. Ever since my last appointment, time is flying...probably helps that work is super busy right now. I'm still only right around seven pounds gained and some work people just found out about the pregnancy last week. Guess I was doing a pretty good job at hiding it. The clothing choices are getting really limited, especially pants, but I just got a bunch of maternity clothes that I am borrowing from friends - THANK YOU!

I haven't felt any distinct movement yet - hopefully soon, although with Drake I was almost 24 weeks. At least I have the doppler and get to hear the heartbeat every night. It seems to be in the 150s most of the time.

This little guy wanted his picture taken tonight, too. :-)


Anonymous said...

you look great and drake is adorable as usual.

Flack Family said...

Lookin good mamma!!! Keep up the good work bakin that little one!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Wow, time is flying!! Do you know if/when youll find out the sex?