Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

What do you do with all of the pictures you take? 

Are they still on your memory card or computer? 

Are they sitting in a box in the basement? 

At least 15 years ago, my mom started scrapbooking and got me, my sister, and my sister-in-law started, too! My "style" has changed over the years, but I love the basic idea of getting pictures somewhere where they will be looked at and I'll remember the experiences. My newest issue is the storage of all these books! I have at least 10 books already, and Drake has two books for his first year of life! :-)  Right now, they are stored in our formal living room (that isn't so formal. lol!) on our china cabinet. If you have any great storage ideas for the books, I'd love to hear it!

The only way I really get a chance to work on my books is if I am out of the house so we usually plan a few weekends each year to go somewhere. This past weekend, we were at The Craftin' Cabin by the Lake. It was wonderful!
My sister, my friend Jackie, and myself

Our group of ladies:
top-Michelle, Jackie, me, my mom
bottom-Brenda N and Brenda C


cady said...

Fun!! I SO need a scrapbooking getaway! I haven't scrapbooked since before I was pregnant, and I am so behind. There's just no way to get it done at home.

Serendipity said...

I make photo books but I'm crap at finishing them, I have loads of half finished ones including my wedding (over 5 years ago!) waiting for me to get around to finishing them off :)

Twinside Out said...

I am about six years behind on my scrapping...but before I start back up on all of our stuff, I have another project to do. We were just given a bunch of old family photographs, and I want to scan them and then make sure the originals are properly stored away.

I've been thinking of throwing together a quick photo book online for the kids - as long as it doesn't take too long - and doing actual scrapbooks later on when I have more time.

Twinside Out said...

Also - haven't finished my coffee yet this morning, so maybe I am making this up, but your blog looks different! I like it!