Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 25


CVS: spent $13.16 (more than 1/2 was tax!), saved $92.34!

My CVS trip was good. I got a lot of things I needed, but I did run into one "issue". The cashier and one of the managers would not accept a $/1 coupon with a B1G1 coupon. Don't worry...I didn't make a scene. :-) I still purchased the products and left the store happy. I tried to do a little research online to see what their exact policy is and apparently, there is nothing printed for their customers. So, I called their customer service number to see about the policy just so I know for future. According to Ann, their "Guidelines" state that they should accept the coupon. She was very nice and even offered to give me $2 ECB since that is what I was out from my coupons. I haven't been there to see if they will print, but I'll check it out next week.If they would have accepted my coupons, it would have been 89% savings!! CVS is by far my favorite place to shop for household items.

Target: spent $13.13, saved $17.17!

Meijer: spent $36.71, saved $19.15!

Best deals: $1.47 money maker on U by Kotex (2 on clearance for $1.03, used 2-$1/1 coupons, got $1.50 in catalina), 2 free Green Giant vegetables ($1, used 2-$.50/1 coupons), free can of fruit

The Powerade Zero were supposed to be free, but it didn't come off with my mPerks. Only paid $.79 for two, still not bad.

My first trip at Meijer was awesome (pictured above), but while I was out of town this weekend Jason had to go pick up milk and dog food. That transaction was $27.79 with nothing saved. yikes!!! 

Walgreens: spent $5.83, saved $29.86

I made two trips to Walgreens since I had a little extra time on lunch one day this week. I was hoping to find the Crayola Wonder "things" for $.50, but that didn't happen. I did find two other ones at $1.99 so I got those anyway...good Easter presents for the nephews. 

Weekly Total: spent: $68.83, saved $158.52 (70% savings)!


cady said...

CVS is one of my favorite stores for household items, too. I did the Freshmatic deal -- 4 starter kits for $8 OOP and $10 in ECB = $2 moneymaker!!

Jamie said...

These posts are really interesting.

How much time does it take you to plan for a shopping trip? Where do you store everything? Do you only buy things you will actually use, or will you buy other things if they are money-makers? How did you get started doing this?