Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 21

This week has been crazy!! Our sitter was on vacation, Jason traveled to Atlanta for work Monday through Wednesday, I had a large conference in Thursday through Saturday, and then I was at a meeting all day today. Luckily, I was able to get a little shopping done last Sunday though...couldn't miss the deals. :-)

CVS - spent $0.07, saved $37.42!

Used $3/1 Revitalens, 2-$2/1 Wisk, & 2-B1G1 Trident coupons plus ECB (got a free ind. cereal and Propel, too!)

Walgreens: spent $2.37, saved $26.05

Used: $0.50 Wags coupon for salt, $5 off Wags coupon for PediaCare, $0.69 Wags coupon for Orbit gum, 2-$1/1 Jimmy Dean, Free Propel coupon, $1/1 Always, 2-$1/1 PediaCare, and B1G1 Orbit coupon

Target: spent $5.43, saved $18.22!

Meijer: spent $3.56, saved $5.28!

Weekly Total: spent $11.43, saved $86.97 (88% savings)!

I'm not sure about you (particularly those who coupon), but I used to not care too much about paying an extra dollar or two for something. Okay, I'll admit there are still a few things I'm willing to spend a little more on (like jeans, some shoes, etc.). But, now that I have been spending so much time reviewing websites for deals, printing coupons, clipping coupons, organizing coupons, planning my trips, and actually going on those trips every dollar matters to me. This week, I had two issues with the cashiers. One was at Walgreen's where the cashier didn't scan all of my coupons. I noticed before I paid and got it correct, but come on. The second happened at Target, and I didn't notice until I was looking at my receipt at home. Ugh. It's really not a big deal, but it is just frustrating. Hope you all got some great deals this week, too!

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