Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Great Grocery Challenge Week 1

I've decided to participate in The Great Grocery Challenge found here. In the past, we were spending about $100/week on groceries. At that time, I was going to Meijer once every two weeks and using some coupons. Now, I am stockpiling, visiting Meijer, CVS, Walgreen's, and Target about every week. My goal is to get our shopping down to $50/week including formula, dog food, etc.

This challenge is making me more aware of what I am spending and providing some accountability so I'm pretty excited about it.CVS: $5.30

Target: $5.55 (but, it was paid on a gift card, so $0.00!)

Walgreen's: $20.19 (Still learning on this one. I should have done multiple transactions to use some RR's that I had.)

I also spent $48.13 at Meijer this week.

So, my total was $73.62! Not too bad, but I've still got some work to do. :-)


Cady said...

Awesome job! My grocery budget is $100 for two weeks. That was my budget before couponing, but I always went over by $50-$60 at a minimum. So, I think the fact that I am now within my budget is progress. :) I'd like to get my spending down even more. I think that will be one of my goals after the first of the year.

Lucky Jones said...

Nice job! I am already at $84 this week. Boo. I've been sick so Josh "ran to the store" for me. He only saved 8%! he doesn't know the game!! Luckily I don't think we will be needing anything else...

Anonymous said...

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