Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 2

My first stop was at CVS on Sunday. Their sales weren't too great this week, but I did pick up milk and a free pack of wipes. I spent $3.05 (saved $2.99). See below for the rest of my purchases.
Target: $14.81 (savings of $24.11) -- But, this was on a gift card, so $0.00!
Walgreen's: $2.70 (savings of $9.83)
Meijer: $31.57 (savings of $32.94)

I also made a stop at Beauty Brands - bought hairspray for $2.14. (They just opened a few weeks ago, and I received a $10 off a product purchase in the mail.)

And, I made a 2nd stop at Walgreen's for their 4-day sale - spent $1.52 (saved $7.50), a 2nd stop at Meijer - spent $4.94, and a stop at Sam's for formula - spent $40.32.

So, my total for this week is $86.24! This was a savings of $63.26 (not counting my Target purchases). If it hadn't been for the formula, I would have met my goal. Just a few more months of that! This is still less than I was spending before couponing though!

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