Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lots of changes going on.

This has been quite the week so far!

Drake has been taking quite a while to get through his bottles so we thought it might be time to transition to the level 3 nipples. We used one on Monday night and Tuesday morning, but then he didn't handle it so well at daycare. So, we have switched back to level 2's.

We've also had a little issue with him eating his cereal. He only ate 2 bites on Monday night, almost all of it on Tuesday night and only a couple bites Wednesday night! I'm not sure if this has anything to do with his teething or if he has decided he doesn't like it. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, that would be great!

Tuesday night was also a night of lots of firsts....

He got his toes in his mouth!Had a little diluted apple juice from a sippy cup!
Sat "up" unassisted for maybe a minute! :-)
We're also thinking we might have an early crawler on our hands. Check out this video:


Word Nerd said...

Sorry, no ideas on the cereal thing. Have you tried any of the other first fruits or veggies yet to compare how he does with those?

Love the photos! It's amazing how they change so fast. What a big boy - holding his own sippy cup!!

Anonymous said...

i think transitioning to food from breast milk and/or formula is just a process you know? they might eat ok for a couple of days and then not so good the next day, i think it's a one step forward two steps back type of thing, at least that's how it feels to me, i am finding that it takes a lot of patience! have you tried making the cereal very watery, sometimes that helps if they don't like the texture, also maybe try mixing some veggies with the cereal.

Tonya said...

the only suggestion I would give you is to try the cereal yourself. Do you like the way it tastes? If not then he probably doesn't either. Your milk gets different flavors from the foods you eat so he is used to those. I would try mashing up the veggies you are eating for dinner and let him try them.

Ashley said...

Well, McKenzie not liking food much these days either. She will only eat pears, applesauce, sweetpotatoes and yo baby. I think they just go through phases and you have to let them taste the sames things every couple of weeks and they might like it again...hopefully!!
Go Drake Go...I definately think he will be crawling soon:) Love the pics!!

Anonymous said...

louise eats oatmeal, i'm not crazy about it but it's just regular oatmeal like anyone would eat. i'm pretty sure that i would not like her formula but she LOVES it, so i'm not sure that just because we don't like something it necessarily means our babies don't like it.

Sarah said...

I just read in a baby magazine that cereal taste like wet cardboard (a pediatrician wrote the article) and suggested making food yourself - just different kinds of purees. It will also teach your child to eat like your family eats and you'll be on your way to a non-picky eater.
Good Luck!