Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

From the moment we found out we were finally expecting Drake, Jason has been the best father!

He attended all of my pre-natal appointments until week 20.

He answered all of my phone calls right away (even in the middle of work meetings) when I was pregnant...just in case I needed something or it was time for Drake's arrival.

He helped pick out everything for our registry, Drake's furniture, and even read all of the weekly update emails from
The morning of Drake's arrival, when I wasn't sure if we should go to the hospital or not, he suggested we go. I'm so glad he did!

He was amazing support during the labor and delivery (even if that meant that he couldn't talk to me :-)) and was so excited to watch his son enter the world.

He slept on a rock hard "bed" for two nights at the hospital just so he could be with me and Drake.

He gets up to put Drake's paci in or soothe him if he wakes too early in the morning, plays with him, feeds him, changes diapers, and just loves him!

Thank you, Jason, for being an amazing earthly father to our son!


Ashley said...

That's a great picture!!

Tori & Justin said...

That picture is just too cute! Drake is got the most wonderful smile and Jason looks like he is in complete love.

twondra said...

Very sweet. :) What a great post!!