Saturday, May 1, 2010


This weekend we made a trip to Wisconsin to surprise Jackie with a scrapbooking shower to welcome her new baby girl, Lucy. I had been looking forward to this trip because we had talked about getting together during our maternity leaves and time flew by so quickly that we didn't get it into the schedule. We made great time on the way up so I headed over to Jackie's friend's house while Jason waited for Jackie to arrive so he could go to her house. She got there a little late (guess that's what life with two kiddos does :-)) and was totally shocked to see everyone!me and Jackie

Each person put together a scrapbook page (or more) to include in a book for Lucy! We stayed at Jackie's house last night and spent some time together this morning before we had to leave.
Jackie (sorry I cut you off!) and her firstborn, Carter
Jackie with Drake
me with Lucy

We had to get some pictures with the kiddos together, and these turned out just too cute!
{holding hands}

Drake and Lucy are 8 weeks's going to be so fun to get together with them as the kids get older.
Lucy with her big brother, Carter!

Just from the short time we were together, I can tell Carter is a great big brother! He had to "check on her" and wanted to hold her, but still could play on his own and didn't get too upset when mommy was holding another baby. :-)

Jackie and Jonathan - You are such great parents and raising two beautiful children. I look forward to our times together...we need to do it much more often! Thanks for being great hosts!

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twondra said...

Looks like such a great time and a wonderful surprise! The kids are so cute together!!