Friday, May 21, 2010

One year ago...

...this month, we had a lot going on! Here are just a few of the posts from May 2009 that have brought us to where we are today:

Retrieval (5/19)
BFP! (5/31 - 5 years to the day of TTC)

So, you can probably imagine that the month of May is becoming one of my favorite months for a number of reasons:

May 2003 - I married an amazing man who puts up with me!
May 2009 - God placed a miracle in me!
May 2010 - My first Mother's Day!

We are forever grateful for the blessing of becoming parents! I pray that this post gives all the mommas and daddies in waiting hope.

And, because I can't post about this blessing and not share a picture with you...


Dave and Elaine said...

May is a special month for us too! :)

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

May is great for us too. :) He is such a little cutie!

Allison said...

I always crack up when I read your blog because Noah has all the same exact clothes that Drake has!

Word Nerd said...

Yep. We were on similar schedules last May. And, seriously, he's a cutie!!

Ashley said...

Yay!! May is special for us too;) Love the pic of Drake. HE looks like a little man;)