Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friday afternoon, I headed north to visit a couple friends. My first stop was to have dinner and visit with Janell. The last time I saw her and Hudson, he wasn't walking yet and now he is walking all over the place! Such a cute boy!! After dinner, I finished my trek to Wisconsin. My friend, Jackie, had her son's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. The weather was a little chilly, but the party was very nice!
I think he liked the Lightning McQueen car that was on the cake more than the cupcake, what do you think?

The birthday boy playing!
Me and Jackie

I didn't get a good picture of Carter's shirt, but the front said "I have a secret..." and the back said "I'm going to be a big brother!". I AM SO EXCITED FOR JACKIE AND JONATHAN! What can be better than going through pregnancy with one of your best girlfriends?!?!? Their second baby is due in March! Congratulations, Jackie!!!



twondra said...

Looks like fun! And yay about your friend! How awesome!

Flack Family said...

Hey thanks Amber!! :) It was a GREAT glad that you were able to make it up!! Looking forward to traveling to Bloomington for all of YOUR b-day parties!!!!! :)