Sunday, March 16, 2008


I get another chance to post. Like I said in my last one, it has been a crazy busy two weeks, and I'll probably be heading to bed after this and who knows when I will get up!! Anyway...the conference in Vegas went well. The only bad thing was that we were staying at the Riviera (not such a nice place!) and that my boss' husband wasn't able to come hang out with Jason because he was home sick with a fever. Jason got pretty bored as we were in sessions most of the days, but it worked out fine.

The Hearts at Home conference went well too! This was my third year coordinating it and it has gotten easier each time. They really are a great group - just makes for some really long days (16.5 hours on Friday and 12.5 on Saturday). Saturday night was a belated birthday celebration that my friend, Heather, planned for me. I was exhausted, but it was such a fun evening! We met at Destihl for dinner which was great - my first time there - and then just went out to Kick's in Towanda to hang out!

I was up early today for nursery duty at church and then Heather and I headed to Rockford for our friend, Janell's baby shower. She is about seven months along, looks great, and got lots of great gifts!!

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