Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Colin: 5 Months!

Dear Colin,

You are 5 months old!! Hard to believe that next month you will be half a year already. Time truly is going by so quickly.

You rolled back to belly over left shoulder on 10/5 and have been consistently going this way since! You've rolled to from your belly to back twice, but I don't think it was intentional since you haven't done it since then. Once in a while, you will roll to your belly in the middle of the night and we have to come in to roll you back over. Unfortunately, you don't generally go right back to sleep so it's been quite a process. You still aren't sleeping through the night.  Every night seems to be different - some nights you'll get up about midnight and 4am, other nights you'll wake up every 3 hours. Your momma is sure hoping you'll start getting some consistent nights soon.

We brought the jumperoo up from the basement and you seem to like it!! It's a completely different look at the world around you. You still like your play mat and bouncy seat, too, but you often roll over or try to roll out of the bouncy seat so they don't last long.

You LOVE to play "peek a boo" and sing "Patty Cake" or "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". We have found your ticklish spots - right at the bottom of your ribs. :-) . We can get some really good belly laughs from you.

Bath time is still a favorite. When I'm running your water and getting you ready, you are constantly kicking and smiling. I think you would lay in your tub forever if I let you. 

You are sitting up so well in your bumbo.

There are no teeth poking through yet, but you are a drooling machine! The top of your shirts are constantly soaked!

I wasn't planning to start you on baby food yet, but we gave you sweet potatoes for the 1st time on 10/23. You love sitting at the table with us and having a little snack!

You truly love people. You will smile and talk anytime someone is giving you attention.

Everyone that sees you tells us how much you look like your daddy!!

You went into the church nursery for the first time and did great. Since you are still nursing, you normally feed during the service but the timing worked out one Sunday so we gave it a try. They said you did great!

You are wearing size 2 diapers and size 6 months clothes.

Happy 5 month birthday, Colin!


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