Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So, after getting a positive home pregnancy test, I called my doctor's office first thing on Tuesday (9/20) morning. I went in for a blood test and my hcg was at 74.5 and progesterone was 19.9! We are definitely pregnant!!

I had a second beta on Thursday (9/22) and my hcg more than doubled to 246 (doubling time of 25 hours)! However, my progesterone dipped to 17.7 so I started taking prometrium twice a day until 10-12 weeks. They wanted to watch me a little more closely with our history so they scheduled two more betas.

My third beta was on Saturday, the 24th (officially 5 weeks!). My hcg was 703.9 (doubling time of 32 hours) and progesterone was 24.6!

Our final beta was on Monday (the 26th). My hcg was 1692 (doubling time of 39 hours) and progesterone was 23.8!

Even though my levels started off on the low side, I feel really good. The fact that it more than doubled each time makes me think pretty positive, but we don't have an ultrasound until October18th. I'm going to try to keep busy so that time goes by quickly. lol!!

We're just over 6 weeks along and my ultrasound is two weeks away.We are so excited, but I am definitely cautious. With everything that we have been through, I won't believe it until I see this little one's heart beating on the monitor.


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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Awesome numbers! October 18 will be here before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome numbers! Oct 18th is my birthday, so I have a great feeling for you and your u/s! Congrats again!