Sunday, July 26, 2009

I really feel like I haven't had much to post in a while. This month has been super crazy for me at work - two week long conferences with crazy hours and Jason has been gone a lot for work and play! I'm still feeling tired and hungry all the time, but I feel like it is starting to get back to normal. Hopefully that is because we are getting close to the 2nd trimester - just a couple more weeks! Jason and I went out to eat and got groceries on Friday night and yesterday, he went to his god-daughter's birthday party while I went to a bridal shower for a friend.
(me, Carol, Tori, Barbie, & Sarah)

I'm glad I saw this picture because I think that shirt looks horrible! It is just hanging on me...I won't be wearing that again. Tori and her fiance, Justin, are getting married in September at a resort in Punta Cana!

Today, I went to church, had breakfast with the neighbors, visited with Jason's sister, and watched the Cubbies get a win and take the lead in the NL Central! Now, I am enjoying the rest of my evening on the couch!


twondra said...

I think you look great in the picture. :)

So glad things are going well!!

Baby Patterson's Dad said...

Some guy sure is lucky to have a smokin' hot wife that looks that good!


Anonymous said...

i haven't had much to write about either, i am very happy to finally be pregnant, but the first trimester is kind of boring! i don't look pregnant and i can't feel any movement or anything yet!

Kahlua Dogg said...

Why did I get removed from the About Us section. Am I getting the boot? Is it because I lay on the cough during the day when you are gone or is it because I bark too much?

K Dogg

K Dogg said...

Thanks, Mom! I am such a happy girl now. (((Wagging my tail))