Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pardon the interruption folks...

As you can see, I just made a fun change to the blog! It still wasn't being all that creative since I got this design from this blogspot thanks to my friend, Melissa!! Now, obviously the header doesn't go with the rest of the design so I'll be working on that (or maybe I can sweet talk my dear friend into helping me!). Hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow. So, for now, sorry, but you'll have to look at this clashing mess!! :-)

By the way, I am back on the exercise bandwagon!! I've started walking with my neighbor, Jenny, on Monday and Wednesday nights right after work; I get up and do 20 minutes on the elliptical each morning; and I walked over three miles at lunch on Monday and Tuesday (a meeting today, lunch with friends tomorrow...maybe Friday, depending on the heat!). I'm pretty proud of myself. Walking in the evening is nice because Jenny is a power walker and it's a good time to get to know her better (they just moved in last fall). My friend, Heather, is coming up tonight as she has an early flight in the morning to go to Florida to visit her sister-in-law and new nephew!

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Tonya said...

That blog list is really cool!