Thursday, August 30, 2007

A visit with Karen, Caden, Kali, and Caleb!

Last night I went to Jason's sister's to visit. Caden is already 7 1/2 weeks old and getting so big! Look at his chubby little cheeks! I can't believe how quickly he is growing! I've been over there about once a week since he came home from the hospital. I love holding him and just looking at how much he changes. For those of you that recall he went to St. Francis when he was born, he is doing so much better now! Kali was home too, so that was nice to see her. They are getting ready to go into their third week of classes already. She is a freshman this year - high school, woo hoo!! Here's a picture of Kali making Caden smile! :-)I really appreciate being able to spend time with them. It's amazing how much closer this little guy has brought us , and I am so glad!!

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Mel said...

He is such a cutie patootie!